Giving back moves your company forward.

We help businesses of all sizes discover how they can effectively extend their generosity and talents to the community, and provide for the caring of their valued associates.

As a corporate member who cares about the broader community, your philanthropic leadership is essential to creating an equitable and vibrant quality of life where your associates live and work.  Giving back provides direct benefits to your company and team members, ultimately moving us all forward.

A corporate donor advised giving plan supports your company as a strong public corporate citizen, and leverages your community leadership in areas where your company has expertise and skills.   A giving program creates a bond for associates as they share their talents and time with community causes. Another charitable corporate service to consider is the establishment of an employee care program which allows for the caring of associates in times of need and encourages team members to care for each other.

The St. Louis Community Foundation is a leading partner for all of your corporate giving services. in providing corporate giving services, currently administering programs for thousands of employees nationwide.



  • Efficient: Corporate giving can be an administrative burden. We coordinate your giving program, handle the record keeping, manage the grantmaking processes, and administer employee assistance and scholarship giving.
  • Cost effective: We lighten the administrative load on your staff, so they can concentrate on their other responsibilities. Corporate Donor Advised Funds can help reduce tax liability in peak years and streamline corporate giving in the long run.
  • Objective: We strategize with you to determine your employee assistance criteria, then use this criteria to make objective grant awards, preserving the anonymity and dignity of associates.
  • Best practices: We put to work our experience of working with many corporations to create the greatest impact for your giving.
  • Customized: We listen and strategize with you to create a program that best serves your company’s goals.
  • Charitable Planning for Liquidity Events


We offer the following Corporate Charitable Services solutions:

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