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When you work with the St. Louis Community Foundation, you get personal, trusted service.  You’re also investing in a community foundation that gives back to the region by making nonprofits and the community stronger. We listen and offer you the tools, resources and insight to ensure that you can easily and confidently realize your giving goals.  We want to ensure that your giving journey is fulfilling and impactful.  And when you need us, we’re just around the corner.



  • Simplified record keeping. We help simplify the details so you can concentrate on the joy of giving.  We:
    –  keep track of gifts made to your fund and grants made to charities
    –  issue checks to charities based on your recommendations
    –  verify that grants are made to qualified nonprofits to ensure legal compliance
    –  provide a consolidated statement of your charitable activities
  • Technology when you want it. Recommend grants and keep track of your fund on line. Or contact us to make requests – we love collaborating with our donors.
  • Honoring donor intent. You have intimate and personal reasons for wanting to make a real difference in a specific area, and its our job to ensure you can accomplish this.  This may mean advocating for your specific intentions while you are strategizing,  or ensuring the spirit of your charitable intent after your lifetime.
  • Grants processing. When you need it, we help assess the effectiveness of a grant, research alternatives, and connect you with other resources to ensure the greatest impact.
  • Grantmaking services. For larger funds and private foundations that offer competitive grants to nonprofits, we can help structure grants and administer the grantmaking process.  Learn More
  • Making it personal.  Your new fund and orientation are personalized for you.  We strive to understand your giving intentions and ensure that the spirit and specifics of your giving are fulfilled.  We pay attention to the details so you can achieve the impact you envision.
  • Connecting and educational events.  We’re all better when we connect with other donors and community leaders and engage in areas we care deeply about.  Collaboration inspires innovative solutions and enlightened perspectives. STLCF offers educational topics in philanthropy, efficient giving, and provides leadership for engagement in focus areas such as healthcare, racial equity, economic development, and education.
  • Private and Family Foundation Support Services.. We can lighten the administrative burden of managing a private foundation so you can focus on mission.
  • Innovative solutions. Do you have an area you are particularly passionate about?  We’ve collaborated with many inspired donors, creating exciting ways of approaching specific areas of need.
  • Strategic philanthropy.  Philanthropy is most powerful when rooted in donors’ values and connects generosity to community needs.  A personalized giving plan can help you create the lasting change you want to see in your community.
  • Your Gatekeeper.  Do you desire anonymity for your charitable activities?  Would you like us to handle inquiries and field requests from those seeking grants?  We can vet inquiries and nonprofits so you can focus on causes most meaningful to you.

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