We’ll handle the administration while you focus on mission.

A private foundation can be a powerful vehicle for charitable giving, but sometimes the process of managing the foundation’s affairs can diminish the joy of giving, or become a burden for subsequent generations to maintain.

We can help with the following challenges:

  •  The original purpose of the foundation no longer applies
  • The philanthropic mission needs to be updated to meet changing community needs
  • Operational and investment management costs are rising
  • Keeping up with new and changing regulations is time consuming
  • Difficult to meet the annual 5% payout requirement
  • The family or foundation directors prefer to focus on philanthropy rather than on administration

We offer three levels of Foundation Support Services:

Option 1: Administrative Services for Private Foundations

  •  We offer comprehensive services and guidance on the art and science of giving effectively
  • Administrative services include: grants application process, review of grants, reporting of grants outcomes
  • Governance services include: maintaining corporate documents, minutes and ballots
  • Gift planning includes: educational programs, philanthropic strategies, multi-generational considerations

Option 2: Convert a private foundation to a Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund offers simplicity of administration, but remains focused on foundation intent, and can retain the same name as the foundation.

  •  Anonymity and confidentiality
  •  Elimination of 5% annual payout
  •  Less regulation, no excise tax payments
  • Favored tax status for new charitable contributions
  • Grantmaking services
  • Less administrative burden

Option 3: Supplement a private foundation with a Donor Advised Fund

  •  Donate the annual 5% payout requirement to a Donor Advised Fund
  •  Distribute to qualified agencies at any time, based on the private foundation’s timetable.
  • Maintain complete privacy of donations and activity
  • May receive additional tax advantages due to the St. Louis Community Foundation being a public charity