Corporate Donor Advised Funds


A Corporate Donor Advised Fund is a giving vehicle that allows a corporation to make a charitable gift to its own charitable fund, receive potential tax deductions at the time of donation, and grant out the donations to charities at the time of the corporation’s choosing.  Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) provide for charitable giving similar to a foundation, but are lower cost, easier to set up, more flexible, and the St. Louis Community Foundation simplifies the record keeping and administration.


  • Streamlined giving process:  Corporations recommend grants to charities, STLCF ensures legal compliance, issues checks, and provides consolidated reporting.
  • Reduced tax liability: DAFs can help reduce tax liability in peak years and help streamline corporate giving strategies for the long run. The corporation receives an immediate tax deduction for the full amount of the donation.
  • Simplicity: The DAF is governed by an easy to set up, simple fund agreement.
  • Cost effective: Donations to open a corporate DAF start at $10,000.
  • Maximize your philanthropy


Grantmaking and Philanthropic Services. We:

  • Listen to your goals, collaborate and connect you to community resources that support your corporate giving.
  • Customized to your size company and giving goals
  • Identify and evaluate prospective grantees
  • Collaborate to review proposals and make recommendations
  • Report grant outcomes and ongoing follow up
  • Maintain grant record keeping
  • Match donor’s short and long term goals with appropriate investment
  • Provide quarterly financial reporting

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