Ten Reasons to Choose St. Louis Community Foundation for Your Client’s Donor Advised Fund

Your client’s intentions are uppermost

The primary focus of St. Louis Community Foundation (STLCF) is to help donors identify, refine and realize their long-term philanthropic objectives.

Philanthropy is all we do 

Other sponsors of donor advised funds and similar philanthropic vehicles may primarily function as banks, mutual fund companies or investment managers. Unlike them, our sole business is philanthropy — free of any motivation other than philanthropic service to our donors and their hand-selected grant recipients.

Advisors are essential

We understand working closely with donors’ legal, financial, tax and other advisors is essential to ensure the success of their philanthropic plans.

Family matters

We are extraordinarily sensitive and responsive to the various interests of family members — differences in desire for personal involvement, for example. We can help mediate family dialogues and address practical matters that will affect your client’s family’s philanthropic impact for decades to come.

Tax advantages

STLCF, as a public charity, offers maximum tax advantage for most gifts under federal law.

A sterling reputation for effectiveness

Helping donors identify and deploy the “highest and best use” of philanthropic assets has characterized STLCF as a consistent resource for confidential service and reliability.

Investment Flexibility

Your clients can choose to invest their assets in STLCF’s investment pools or have their financial advisor manage the assets of the fund.

Expertise across the philanthropic spectrum

From accepting highly complex or illiquid assets to addressing diverse community needs, our areas of expertise span the full range of challenges faced by philanthropic families.

Increased leverage

Should your clients so choose, STLCF can multiply the impact of your clients giving by pooling and amplifying it with other gifts and grants.

A person will answer the phone and online access is available 24/7

Questions arise all the time.  When donors give through STLCF, they will have ready contact with a member of our staff who will personally work with them to the degree they choose and who will answer their questions whenever they arise.  In addition, DonorCentral offers your client the ease of secure online access to their account 24/7.