African School #4 Class of 1931

Krausse-Papendick Fund Supports Renovation of 127-year-old Schoolhouse

Through a $20,000 grant from the Krausse-Papendick Fund, a discretionary fund established by Lucille Papendick, the St. Louis County Parks Foundation will be able to complete the restoration of and maintain Faust Park Historic Village’s newest addition: African School #4. 

Generations of Black children in Chesterfield—such as the class of 1931, pictured above—made their way through this one-room schoolhouse. African School #4 was built in 1894 for $600. Students from first to eighth grade were taught by one teacher simultaneously in a building about the size of a one-car garage. The school served students until it merged with another in 1950.  

St. Louis County Park officials were able to purchase the structure in August 2021. They immediately began disassembling, photographing, and tagging every inch of the schoolhouse. Unexpected treasures were found: a handwritten math lesson on the wall, an encyclopedia, and the frameworks of old chalkboards. A YouTube video with photos and more information is available here. 

African School #4 has been fully dismantled and moved to Faust Park’s Historic Village, where it will be restored with utmost attention to detail. The St. Louis County Parks Foundation is working to connect with people who attended the school or have pictures of it to be able to replicate as many details as possible.  

Interpretive signage will tell the story of Black students in the County and the families who sued to have a school built for their children. If you or someone you know has information about the school, please contact 

The building renovation is scheduled to be completed in 2022. It will be open to the public at Faust Park’s Historic Village.

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds like the Krausse-Papendick fund ensure that the donor’s vision is carried out beyond their lifetime as they make meaningful contributions to the region. 

  • $186,500: Lucille’s gift to the Community Foundation 
  • $588,000: The value of her fund today 
  • $400,950: Granted to local nonprofits to date 

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