Preparing for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is on November 29, 2022. We’ve collected some resources and tips for your nonprofit. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—more than $2.7 billion was raised for U.S. nonprofits in 2021.

Tips for a Great Giving Tuesday

  • Personalize
    • Make the reader feel special and seen by greeting them by name. We all get dozens of generic emails every day. Personalization can make you stand out.
    • Consider sending emails to donors from previous years and thank them by name for their support and ask them to repeat—or increase—their gift.
  • Create a compelling ask
    • Tell donors exactly what their contribution will do for your nonprofit.
    • Create affinity for your organization by using photos and quotes to tell a story.
  • Say thank you
    • Send your donors a personalized thank you email. Thank them by name and include their donation amount.
    • Show them photos or tell a story about what you accomplished or will accomplish thanks, in part, to their gift.
  • Be consistent
    • Your message and visuals should be consistent and should be branded with your logo. Include the Giving Tuesday logo and icons when possible, but don’t make them more prominent than your organization’s branding.
    • Above all, you want donors to recognize your nonprofit amidst many similar messages from other organizations.
  • Use existing stakeholders
    • Provide Giving Tuesday resources to your staff and board members. For example, ask them to share social media posts and send them email templates to forward on to their networks. Make it as easy as possible for them to get involved.
    • Consider a bit of friendly competition. Having the winner choose the menu for the next staff lunch is a great reward.

Suggested Resources

Save the Date for Give STL Day

The tenth annual Give STL Day is on May 10, 2023! Give STL Day is powered by the St. Louis Community Foundation and is part of the Foundation’s initiative to expand charitable giving in our community. Over $4.2 million was donated to local organizations in 2022. Registration for Give STL Day 2023 will begin in January 2023.

Please note that the Give STL Day website does not accept Giving Tuesday donations.