Hurricane Michael Relief & Recovery Efforts

Hurricane Michael, what is being called the most powerful hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle is the national’s third strongest hurricane in the United States, made landfall on October 10, 2018. Reports indicate that Michael, a Category 4 storm, brought approximately 12 inches of rain to Florida causing a monstrous amount of damage to the beachside community of Mexico Beach, Florida as it slammed into the Florida Panhandle with almost 150 mile-per-hour winds.

Individuals are coming together with compassion and courage to ask how they can help survivors of catastrophic events like this one. There are many ways that you can help survivors and ensure that an individual contribution – whether financial donation or personal time – is carried out responsibly.

Donors who want to help support Hurricane Michael relief and recovery efforts have a number of options, specifically donations via community foundations are the wisest choice for disaster giving, as they ensure that your funds are put to good use.

A number of community foundations in the path of the storm have already established immediate and long term recovery funds to help those who are affected in their communities, including:

Like you, our thoughts are with those whose lives are affected by this terrible storm. We are always heartened by the St. Louis region’s response to crises, both local and national, and as ever, we appreciate your generosity.

St. Louis Community Foundation Fund Holders: You can make a grant from your fund for response efforts using DonorCentral or by contacting Wendy Witte at