Give STL Day Spotlight: Mission: St. Louis

Mission: St. Louis is a nonprofit whose programs work together to address critical stages in the cycle of poverty, like high school graduation and recidivism. Mission: St. Louis walks alongside people as they work their way through their programs, empowering entire families to break the cycle of poverty.  

“We’ve participated in Give STL Day since it began. It’s always an awesome experience for us, especially because our donors rally behind things with a competitive feel. Although the heart of Give STL Day isn’t pure competition, the fact that there are ranking lists and prizes for the day is something that historically motivates our donor base,” Communications Manager, Mandy Purcell said.  

With the help of the St. Louis Community Foundation’s Give STL Day, Mission: St. Louis was able to raise almost $40,000 to go towards their new programming expansion, job and leadership training for women. 

“This year we nearly met our goal. I think having matching dollars changed the game for us – this was our first year with them and securing them was easier than we thought. It was nice to be able to tell donors that their contributions were doubled! We plan to participate again next year,” Purcell said.  

Mission: St. Louis has a three-fold focus to manifest change in the city of St. Louis, alongside their initiatives of education, employment and community.  

The first focus is emotionally, socially and educationally enriching the lives of students through Beyond School. Then Mission: St. Louis focuses on building relationships and equipping men with a job/leadership skill set through Beyond Jobs. The third being assisting seniors and community members in practical, tangible ways to allow for the thriving of our neighborhoods through Beyond Charity. 

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