Charitable Support Fees

Support for Funds:  The St. Louis Community Foundation is able to provide administrative, grantmaking, networking, nonprofit research, charitable advisory services, and strategic giving consulting to donors helping them to pursue their charitable goals based on a support fee assessed to the fund.

For Funds Held at St. Louis Community Foundation: Support fees vary based on the type of fund used. They are quoted as a percentage of the fund’s quarterly average asset value. Support and investment management fees are deducted directly from a donor’s fund quarterly.

Investment management fees vary depending on the investment manager(s). There are no transaction fees and there are no markups on investment management fees. A pass-through fee of 2.5 basis points (0.025%) are charged for comprehensive independent quarterly reporting services provided to the Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation’s support fees may be negotiated depending upon fund size and anticipated grantmaking volume. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the details of your specific fund.

For Private Foundations: If your corporate or family’s private foundation needs comprehensive services, such as back-office support, grantmaking assistance, insight on current community needs, the effectiveness and efficiency of local not-for-profit organizations, the St. Louis Community Foundation can assist you. We can offer our services on a fee for services basis. The St. Louis Community Foundation’s charitable support fee for entities for whom we do not hold or invest the assets are customized on a case by case basis, being largely influenced by total grantmaking and frequency of activity. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the specific details of your private foundation.

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