Tips for Using Donor Central

Donor Central is an online portal for donors and advisors with charitable giving accounts. Donor Central provides access to account and grantmaking information and enables donors to suggest grants anytime, anywhere. If you are a professional advisor who has access to your client’s Donor Central, the tips below will help you navigate through the site:

  1. If  your client has multiple grants to submit, use the “Save for Later” button, rather than the “Submit” button after checking “I agree.” Your client will be able to review the list and submit all together from the home screen. This will result in a single confirmation email to your client and a single email with the complete list to STLCF.
  2. Remind your client when searching for an organization, they should start typing the name until something shows up, then scroll through the list to find the right organization. Consider using the most unique word to search, such as ‘Science’ if looking for the St. Louis Science Center, rather than ‘St. Louis’ or ‘Saint Louis.’
  3. Remind your client to be sure to start from the STLCF website at and then click “My Fund” to assure they are at the new version of Donor Central. Make sure pop-ups are allowed for the site.
  4. Does your client need assistance with Donor Central? Have them contact a member of the Donor Services team: Wendy Witte, Donor Services Manager, at, Josina Greene, Donor Services Manager, at, Amy Murphy, Director of Donor Relations + Services, at