Stand Up for Racial Equity

Dear friends,

We are saddened and disheartened by what is happening in our community and in our country. Once again, the challenge of racism has captured our attention, inspired noble protests, and spurred horrific destruction.

Sadly, those of us in St. Louis have been here before.

After Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in 2014, we saw first-hand how it tore our community apart and surfaced deep anger, hurt, frustration, and uncertainty. We also watched as these raw emotions gave way to coordinated efforts to address and eradicate systemic racism in our community. Emerging from these efforts are organizations like Forward Through Ferguson, which created a racial equity framework that will help us address and eliminate existing racial and ethnic disparities in St. Louis.

Sadly, recent events – specifically the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis — make it clear we have identified the issues, but we have not yet solved them. We have called for equity and justice, but we have not yet committed to them. While we have tried, we have much work yet to do.

It is up to ALL of us.

At the St. Louis Community Foundation, we are committed to facilitating the breaking of barriers for organizations and communities that lack access to the networks and resources for the people they serve and funding those efforts. Recognizing that this is not enough, we are also committed to working with our donors on our collective journey toward thoughtful grant-making that prioritizes racial equity.

Most of all, we speak in support of the Black community. We must make their fight for justice and full humanity our fight. The path of progress isn’t clear or simple. But moving forward on that path toward this meaningful objective is more critical than ever. It requires boldness and humility — relentlessness and patience.

Today and for the future of St. Louis, we stand together so that we can emerge stronger for the betterment of our community and region.

Together, Stronger

Amelia Bond,
President & CEO
St. Louis Community Foundation