Scholarship Reception Celebrates Impact on Future Generations

Leaders of the future generation. More than 100 individuals gathered at the St. Louis Community Foundation (STLCF) in Oak Knoll Park on Thursday, June 21, for the STLCF Third Annual Scholarship Reception. Students and their families gathered to celebrate their hard work and academic success.

Spearheading her third scholarship reception, Tameka Herrion, STLCF Scholarship Manager, says this is always an exciting time for donors, students and the Foundation.

“The scholarship reception really shows the impact of donor’s dollars and how they are helping to leave their philanthropic footprint in the St. Louis region,” said Herrion. “We truly work to help our donors identify ways to support students who impact our economy by becoming educated, gainfully employed tax-paying citizens,” said Herrion.

Glenn L. Moller Jr. was the son of Glenn and Anne Moller. When Glenn, Jr., also known as Clip, was killed in Vietnam in 1968, his parents created a private foundation as a memorial. In 1976, Mr. and Mrs. Moller decided to terminate the private foundation and to transfer its assets to the St. Louis Community Foundation to create a scholarship fund.

The scholarship reception was also a time to celebrate the donors who make scholarships possible for students. For more than 40 years, STLCF has helped donors create scholarship opportunities with the goal of providing financial assistance to help students further their education. This year, 171 new students have been awarded scholarships. Currently, the Foundation administers almost 60 scholarship programs that impact over 600 students with awards totaling over $1.4 million.

The first scholarship created at STLCF was the Glenn L. Moller Jr. Memorial Scholarship, established in 1976. This scholarship supports students from the greater St. Louis area who have overcome adversity to prepare for future success and have been touched and affected by the programs of Neighborhood Houses, now known as Unleashing Potential.

Telling the stories of some of the Foundation’s donors, Amy Murphy, Director of Scholarships and Donor Services, left students with a little inspiration as they begin the next chapter in their lives.

“Whether a company, an organization, a family or an individual, all of our donors want to impact the future by supporting the educational aspirations of students,” said Murphy. “Every donor has a story. Every scholarship donor wants to make an impact by investing in the future. We celebrate their ingenuity and you as you benefit from their vision. Take their vote of confidence with you as you embrace the opportunities before you.”

Thanks to donors Glenn and Anne Moller’s partnership with the St. Louis Community Foundation, the Glenn L. Moller Jr. Memorial Scholarship has impacted dozens of  students from the St. Louis region.

  • $73,000: Gift to the St. Louis Community Foundation
  • $291,00: Current value of the Glenn L. Moller Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • $175,000: Granted to deserving students to date


Interested in starting a scholarship fund? Contact Amy Murphy, Director of Scholarships and Donor Services at or at 314-880-4965.