Save the Date: Open House – October 2018

The St. Louis Community Foundation is excited to host it’s Annual Open House in October 2018. Since moving into the historic home in Oak Knoll Park, the Foundation has truly become the hub of philanthropy in the St. Louis community.

If the walls of these rooms could talk, in just one year’s time, you would hear…

  • Donors calling, emailing, texting, donor central’s online wheels spinning faster and faster, as we work to process nearly 5,000 grant recommendations;
  • Spirit of St. Louis women’s giving circle board and grantmaking committees meetings regularly;
  • The Charless Foundation’s board created its mission to focus future grantmaking for seniors in South City;
  • Private foundations such as: The Berges Foundation, The Pettus Foundation, The Episcopal Presbyterian Health Trust, receive customized administration services;
  • Corporations such as: Watlow, Drury, Clean, Barry-Wehmiller, McBride, to name a few, opened or added money to donor advised funds, employee care funds, scholarship funds, and asked how can they be more strategic in their corporate giving;
  • Nonprofits seeking our advice, partnership, and counsel on donor connectivity and planned giving;
  • Hundreds of wealth advisors have discovered that the Community Foundation is a resource and partner for providing philanthropic services to their high net worth clients;
  • St. Louis Graduates a collective collaborative meets, strategizes, and acts to achieve its goal of 60% adults in the St. Louis region with an Associates degree or higher by 2025;
  • Invest STL, an initiative of the St. Louis Community Foundation, provides leadership to address St. Louis’ fragmented and under resourced community development system;
  • STL Youth Jobs, grows to employ a 800 youth with an $1.4 million operating budget; relying on the Community Foundation’s fiscal sponsorship, budgeting, and financial expertise, and after 5 years under our umbrella begin to consider launch as its own nonprofit;
  • The Mound City Bar Association, the nations oldest African-American Bar Association west of the Mississippi sought our emergency relief and considers continued affiliation as a fund;
  • Give STL Day raised $2.4 million for more than 900 nonprofits
  • Center for Social Empowerment carried out its work for social and racial justice through the St. Louis Community Foundation;
  • Donor education events, such as multi-generational giving, and coming soon, giving and equity in St. Louis;
  • Donor initiative creation, such as the public school support fund and transformation in action at Ferguson Florissant School District, and this year coming to University City schools;
  • The Philanthropy Collaborative convened, representing a handful of our region’s largest funders;
  • Not to mention our own Board and committee meetings, as well as those of our partner on the 3rd floor – Gateway Center for Giving.

This is just a snapshot of the St. Louis Community Foundation work in the community, join us in Ocotber to learn more about what we have been up to in 2018.

More information about the 2018 Open House will be announced soon!