MO Veterans Endeavor Continues to Support Homeless & At-Risk Veterans During Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic made its way across the entire country, the St. Louis Community Foundation (STLCF) recognized that St. Louis regional nonprofits would need support to continue their efforts. Keeping in mind organizations that work with vulnerable communities, STLCF, along with several philanthropic partners and funders, established the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund.

Among vulnerable communities are homeless and at-risk veterans. The Missouri Veterans Endeavor (MOVE) works with veterans every day to empower them to rediscover a sense of purpose and optimism.

The day-to-day work at MOVE has shifted since the pandemic began. William A. Wallace, President and Executive Director of MOVE, explained the most important work they do with the veterans is case management. When case managers meet with veterans, they focus on keeping illness away and work with families to provide food, PPE supplies and information regarding COVID-19 safety measures.

According to Wallace, funding has been used to identify medically vulnerable and homeless veterans. Several veterans reside on the streets, in shelters or are between housing placements and through vital funding MOVE provides hotel stays where they can safely isolate and still receive supportive services.

During the “Stay at Home Order” MOVE suspended admissions and planned discharges until it was safe to proceed. Wallace explained that they have two open apartments now and are preparing to re-open in St. Louis County. The MOVE team is working to find their new way of operating, while looking forward to upcoming admissions and continuing to attach homeless and at-risk veterans to needed resources and opportunities.

“Your concept and support have been extremely important, a vital gift to our homeless veteran community and service providers, and, in my opinion, is an extraordinary model of community support,” said Wallace. “Your COVID-19 Regional Response grant funding has truly allowed us and our partners in the region to address the challenging landscape. I think it is safe to say that with this support and engagement, you have kept illness away from many people and saved lives.”

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