Did You Know? Community Foundations were one of the first sponsors of Donor Advised Funds

St. Louis Community Foundation (STLCF) is a public charity that sponsors donor advised funds (DAFs) and other charitable funds.

DAFs, best described as charitable bank accounts, provide simple, flexible, and efficient ways to manage charitable giving during an individual’s lifetime and beyond.

DAFs are the most popular charitable funds that STLCF sponsors because DAFs allow donors and their families to:

  • Enjoy immediate and maximum tax advantages and benefit from tax advantages and simplicity over other giving options.
  • Make donations on a flexible time table, with continued involvement in grant making – at levels right for them.
  • Streamline their giving – keep track of grants, amounts, and giving history.
  • Build a charitable legacy within their family and among their favorite charities.
  • Grow charitable funds that would allow them to earn and donate more money for the explicit purpose of charitable support.
  • Express their unique charitable intentions.
  • Establish a means to educate children and pass along family values.
  • Enjoy flexible options to manage the levels of recognition or privacy that they desire.

Click here to learn about what sets the various kinds of DAF sponsors apart from the National Center on Philanthropy.

Learn more about opening a Fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation or contact Katie Knapp, Giving Strategist, at start your fund today.