Building a Culture of Philanthropy: A Podcast Interview with Neosha Franklin

“How do people really consume information? How can we humanize and tell stories that people can really relate to?” – Neosha Franklin, Marketing and Communications Manager, St. Louis Community Foundation.

Neosha Franklin, Marketing and Communications Manager for the St. Louis Community Foundation, had the opportunity to sit down and record a podcast with Nathan Sprehe, President and CEO of Almanac, a St. Louis based marketing and advertising agency who works with purpose-driven brands, to discuss the importance of philanthropy in the region.

Almanac and the St. Louis Community Foundation have worked closely together on few branding initiatives and have developed a great rapport. But Franklin was initially hesitant when asked to be interviewed for the podcast.

“As a communications professional, I always tend to lean towards the most qualified person to talk to media or to be interviewed, so I volunteered our President and CEO, Amelia Bond,” said Franklin. “I honestly didn’t think Nate actually wanted to talk to me about philanthropy in the region, until he gave me a call and made a direct ask. At that point I was convinced and was excited to share more about the work of the St. Louis Community Foundation and its impact on the region.”

One of the highlights of the interview, aside from sharing more about the Foundation, was Neosha discussing her own experience with giving and the barriers to giving she faced growing up in St. Louis.

“Growing up black, my family didn’t have generational wealth or disposable income to just give money away. I was taught that you help people and the community by giving to and through the church because that’s how you made impact and helped people,” said Franklin.  “When that gold collection plate was passed around, you whipped out your cash and gave your tithes and offerings; I had no idea that I could direct my giving in different ways for broader impact, until I started working at the St. Louis Community Foundation.”

Neosha’s unique perspective gives insight into the impact of philanthropy, the power of leveraging your network, as well as storytelling tips for the new generation of nonprofit marketers.

Neosha has been with the St. Louis Community Foundation for four years and oversees all marketing efforts of the organization, focusing on strategic marketing and communications initiatives for key internal and external audiences, digital strategy, social media, media relations, and community relations. Neosha also oversees and manages the annual implementation of Give STL Day.

She is the immediate past president of the Community Service Public Relations Council, a professional development organization that provides professional and organizational development opportunities for those working in nonprofit management, marketing communications, public relations, fundraising and volunteer management. She received an undergraduate degree in communications from Truman State University and a graduate degree in communications from Lindenwood University.

She loves Mickey Mouse and prioritizes health and fitness, as well as personal and professional development. She resides in St. Louis with her 2.5-year-old daughter, Olivia.

Check out the full podcast here.