Endowing St. Louis for today and for tomorrow.

Did you know that the endowed funds in the St. Louis region are just one-third the size of those held by the endowed foundations of Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, and two-thirds the size of those in Kansas City? This 2021 report by the St. Louis Community Foundation outlines the importance of a strong community endowment.


Endowed funds complement annual giving efforts and provide financial flexibility, the means to respond quickly to crises, the capability to plan for the long-term beyond annual fundraising cycles, and funds to seed vital and expansive community opportunities. They also provide a wellspring of stable, long-term funding for organizations dedicated to charitable missions.


A strong community endowment means that charitable dollars remain in St. Louis and work for St. Louis—today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


A community endowment will give the region a civic platform around which it can gather to dream boldly, invest wisely, and act decisively as we—and those who follow us—work to build and sustain a vibrant, prosperous, and equitable region.


For a stronger, more resilient community—we must endow St. Louis.


Approximate endowment held in St. Louis


In today for tomorrow

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