Nonprofit Spotlight: earthday365

earthday365 is once again gearing up for St. Louis Earth Day Festival in Forest Park. From April 23 to 24, thousands of visitors will enjoy music, learning from businesses and organizations that offer sustainable products and services, and meeting area nonprofits that share Earth Day values. Attendance averages 30,000, making the Festival the largest Earth Day event in the Midwest and one of the largest in the country. 

“The St. Louis Earth Day Festival is a mix of joyful celebration and learning. It’s the best place for folks to encounter new ways to become more sustainable in their own lives,” said Jessica Watson, Executive Director.

The Earth Day Challenge sparks sustainable action. Festival-goers are entered into a raffle for sustainable prizes if they complete two of the following challenges: using public transport, eating a vegetarian or vegan meal, using a reusable water bottle or bag, or composting. 

At the St. Louis Earth Day Festival, attendees can also enjoy meals from Green Dining Alliance (GDA) certified restaurants. GDA is a restaurant sustainability certification program started by earthday365 and now contains a network of over 100 restaurants. GDA works with restaurants to reduce their environmental impact by completing an on-site audit. Learn more about the GDA by clicking here, and look out for the launch of “Kind Box,” the first reusable to-go container program for the St. Louis region. 

The Festival has become a model for zero waste events in the community. earthday365’s Recycling on the Go program offers recycling and composting services for events. earthday365 also offers consulting services to help other event planners move towards zero waste. 

In addition to the St. Louis Earth Day Festival, earthday365 hosts programs such as Environmental Justice Days of Action. During these events, earthday265 connects with community partners and volunteers to work in neighborhoods that are experiencing environmental justice issues such as illegal dumping. Learn more about upcoming volunteer opportunities here. 

Click here to learn about other opportunities to get involved with earthday365. 

earthday365 is a participant in Give STL Day. Give STL Day is powered by the St. Louis Community Foundation and will take place on May 5, 2022.