Meet The Alberici Foundation

As one of St. Louis’ largest and most high-profile companies, the Alberici Corporation is frequently approached by nonprofits for contributions. The Alberici family is closely identified with the company and has a long history of generosity in the community, meaning they often received duplicate requests from the same charitable organizations.

These doubled efforts made company president John Alberici think about how to create structure for the charitable efforts of both the family and Alberici Corporation. Working with his financial advisors and the St. Louis Community Foundation, he established the Alberici Foundation in 2001.

The family and the company are intertwined and we wanted our charitable support to be the same. Creating the Alberici Foundation not only made giving more convenient for us; it also simplified the work of the charities because it provided them with a single point of contact,” said Mr. Alberici.

Combining the charitable efforts of both the company and the family has provided significant tax benefits while allowing the Albericis to make more meaningful, focused gifts. The Alberici Foundation recently made a $5 million grant to establish the Center for Sustainability at St. Louis University.

“The St. Louis Community Foundation provides us with information about charities, analyzes different requests, and presents us with a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished and where we want to go next,” Alberici said.