Meet Phyllis Tirmenstein

Phyllis Tirmenstein and her good friend Roland Quest enjoyed spending time together doing the things they

loved: listening to great music, discussing interesting topics, and going to Cardinals’ games and boat shows.  Roland, who was an engineer and inventor remembered for his significant contributions to the design of the Space Shuttle, passed away in 1994 and entrusted Phyllis to use his savings to do good in the community.

Phyllis worked with her attorneys and the Foundation to establish the Roland Quest Memorial Fund in 1995.  Through this fund, she issued her first challenge grant for the renovation of Graham Chapel at Washington University, where Roland graduated in 1937.  Since then, she has quietly supported a variety of organizations such as the Bach Society, St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors, the Shepherd’s Center, the Gateway Festival Orchestra and Saint Louis University, where she and Roland worked for many years.

Setting up a fund with the Foundation means that the dollars Roland left are invested wisely and allowed to grow tax-free, enabling Phyllis to make more grants.  The support of the Foundation’s staff has simplified

her process for giving and has established a trusted philanthropic partnership.

“I have learned about new and innovative ways to give through the Foundation.  Their assistance in setting up a donor advised fund has been invaluable and their web-based Donor Central is so efficient when I want information,” Phyllis said.

Phyllis was so pleased with the performance of the Roland Quest fund that she decided to establish a charitable gift annuity for her philanthropic legacy.  The Phyllis R. Tirmenstein Charitable Fund will provide her an annual income stream and then support the charities important to her when she’s gone.

“I think my favorite thing about working with them is that I’ve created a legacy of philanthropy that will be carried on into perpetuity,” Phyllis said.