Irene T. Schulze Legacy Foundation: Funding the Women Scientists of Tomorrow

Born in Washington, MO, Irene Schulze always seemed to find herself at the cutting edge of things, working as a microbiologist, researcher, and a university professor. Her career included stops at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and the Public Health Institute for the City of New York. She then moved back to St. Louis, where she enjoyed a 40-year career at St. Louis University.

Before her passing in 2021, Irene established the Irene T. Schulze Legacy Foundation, an endowed designated fund.

The knowledgeable experts at the Community Foundation understand philanthropy, estate planning and what it takes to put a charitable program together. They will ensure my wishes are met long after I am gone.

By designating her fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation as her IRA beneficiary, proceeds from Irene’s IRA to pass directly to the Community Foundation without being reduced by taxes. That means 100 percent of Irene’s contribution can go toward funding education and research. By choosing to endow her fund, Irene ensured that the principal balance would be conserved and invested.

Irene’s charitable fund will support a scholarship at St. Louis University to fund the research by the women scientists of tomorrow as they seek to find cures to the viruses that we may not even know of today.

Additionally, Irene’s fund will continue to support the nonprofits she cared most deeply about in perpetuity—forever.

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