Fund Central – New Donor Portal

The St. Louis Community Foundation is making the leap from a server-based operating system to a cloud-based system. This update was made to improve the way we deliver for you and to enhance working toward our mission to inspire purposeful philanthropy that connects community and donors to build and preserve a more equitable and vibrant region, now and forever.

A few pro tips for recommending grants through Fund Central:

  • Grant recommendations received by noon on Thursday will go out the following Friday unless they require unusual research. If we have any questions, we will be in touch.
  • You will receive an automated email when your recommendations have been approved and are scheduled for distribution. Let us know if you want to opt out of these emails.
  • The search for nonprofits includes those you have previously supported, other funds at the Community Foundation, and every (!) eligible nonprofit found in Guidestar.
  • Start a search by typing the key word in the organization’s name.
  • There are lots of nonprofits with similar names so note the location before clicking on your selection!
  • Sometimes St. Louis is Saint Louis. Try just using Louis in your search.
  • The Recommend a Grant form has a field called Description. This is what we think of as the grant purpose so type in general support or annual giving unless you have a specific purpose for this grant: books for the library, the Capital Campaign, scholarships, etc. This field will print the first few words on the check stub so short is best!
  • Grants may be set up as recurring so follow the instructions for dates and intervals. If you currently have recurring grants, we will make sure they continue as scheduled. Please contact to make changes or stop a recurring grant. Fund Central does not yet have a way for you to make those changes on your own.
  • You may attach a file if you want to include a solicitation or form.
  • If you click the Anonymous button, you are telling us this grant is totally anonymous—no fund name, no advisor name, no connection to you. See below for another option for anonymity.
  • The Special Instructions field. This is where you tell us:
    • The schedule for a multi-year or multi-distribution grant.
    • The way you want your name(s) to read in any public announcement of the grant, including leaving your names off the letter that accompanies the check or telling the nonprofit to list the grant as Anonymous.
    • Any other special details about this grant.

If a personal tour of Fund Central would be helpful, contact Wendy ( or Josina ( or to set up a time. Instructional videos and a user guide coming soon!

St. Louis Community Foundation staff review each grant recommendation so if we have questions, we will be in touch. We want to maximize your generous impact in the community.