Your values provide a foundation for future generations.

Most of us want to leave a legacy – some proof that our lives made a difference, in the areas great and small that were uniquely important to us.  We are the beneficiaries of the sacrifices and values of generations before us, who laid the foundation for our freedoms, joys, and also our challenges.

Legacy Giving is an intentional journey that develops throughout life and continues to make an impact beyond our lifetime.  It may take the form of charitable assets designated from your estate, or may be a fund that you endow so it will continue to give to your causes for an extended number of years.

Legacy giving ensures that your values live on and provide a foundation for future generations. You can choose charitable legacy funds to support your specific nonprofits or fields of interest, or you can entrust your giving goals to our Community Endowment Funds.

Lucille Papendick: Changing lives in the past, present and future

Lucille Papendick was an extraordinary educator who lived her life modestly.  More than a generation after her death, Lucille continues to make meaningful contributions that enrich the lives of St. Louisans in education and the arts.

Lucille created a fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation and asked that a portion of her gift be used for a limited time to support her favorite cultural, arts and educational organizations.  She asked that the remainder be used to support worthwhile projects, organizations and initiatives of importance to the region for years to come – in perpetuity.  Lucille’s fund was invested so that a portion of the fund could be sustainably spent to support these types of organizations.

Lucille’s gift has had extraordinary impact, beyond what even Lucille might have hoped to imagine.

$340,000 Lucille’s original gift to the St. Louis Community Foundation
$331,550 Gifts made to local nonprofits so far
$409,000 The value of Lucille’s fund today

Thanks to Lucille’s vision, foresight and generosity, her gift has provided critical support to the community in areas such as financing travel expenses for the Normandy School District award winning chorus’ performance at Carnegie Hall, assisting Pianos For People’s free music lessons in Ferguson, extending scholarships for student documentary producers, and supporting other critical community needs as they arise.

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