Decade of Difference: Reflecting on Ten Years of Impact

St. Louis Community Foundation has seen significant growth and change in the past ten years. Join us as we look back on a decade of purposeful philanthropy which has connected donors and community to build a more equitable and vibrant region.

By the Numbers: 2012 to 2022

  • Community Foundation assets: $182 million to $554 million
  • Total endowment: $57 million to $102 million
  • Annual grantmaking: $35.3 million to $104 million
  • Community Foundation unrestricted funds: $12 million to $17.5 million
  • Funds: 415 to 800
  • Investment pools: 40 to 145
  • Employees: 10 to 36

Fiscal Sponsorships and Community Initiatives

Our unique role as a community convener allows us opportunities to take leadership and drive change in key areas. Over the years, we have aligned with organizations to serve as fiscal sponsor and fostered community initiatives such as:

Give STL Day: Launched by the Community Foundation in 2014, this 24-hour online day of giving has raised over $26 million for over 1,000 local nonprofits. 

Invest STL: Invest STL is a regional initiative that aligns investment, technical assistance, and community organizations to build healthy, stronger neighborhoods. The Community Foundation grew this effort with an investment of $150,000 from its endowment, resulting in an overall $4.7 million raised. 

My Scholarship Central: My Scholarship Central is a regional partnership that connects students to financial resources for college.

Regional Response Team: The Regional Response Team works to equip the region with
the long-term support and infrastructure needed to promote equitable and holistic recovery
from public health challenges. 

St. Louis Digital Divide: The future of the St. Louis region’s economy and workforce depends on our immediate action to begin to bridge the digital divide. Reports have been created to aggregate key data points and outline ways to address regional challenges regarding aspects of internet access and usage.

St. Louis Welcome Fund: This fund supports a coordinated community response to welcome refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world.

Community Endowment Fund

The Community Endowment Fund (CEF) is an important, steady, and responsive funding source for the benefit of the region. The CEF gives the Community Foundation the ability to plan for all aspects of the future of St. Louis. Like all endowed funds, the CEF generates an amount each year that can be used to make strategic and flexible grants in response to community needs. 1 in 5 dollars at the Community Foundation are endowed.

The CEF has made $4.3 million in community grants in the past five years, including $285,000 to St. Louis Graduates, $150,000 to Invest STL, $150,000 to the Racial Healing + Justice Fund, and $100,000 to the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund.

Timeline of Impact

Looking to the Future

In the years to come, the St. Louis Community Foundation will continue to serve donors and community for a more equitable and vibrant region.

We are looking forward to the tenth annual Give STL Day on May 10, 2023. Save the date!