Manage the investment of your clients’ charitable funds.


Through partnership with the St. Louis Community Foundation, investment advisors can offer their clients a Donor Advised Fund program that reflects their firm’s unique approach to investment management and advisory relationships.  Participating in the Private Gift Fund enables your clients to use a Donor Advised Fund to support the causes they care about, and you continue to manage your clients’ donor advised fund.

The Private Gift Fund program is available for funds with charitable assets greater than $150,000.  Investment advisors can also offer multiple clients this unique investment strategy by pooling charitable assets in the private gift fund investment program.

Program Structure

  •  Each donor establishes an individual donor advised fund with the Community Foundation.  Each fund agreement reflects a donor’s interests, family structure, and future plans.  The donor retains advisory privileges over how the fund is invested and recommends grants to tax qualified charitable organizations over time. A donor makes grant recommendations online, or by contacting the Community Foundation.
  • The investment advisor provides the Community Foundation with new account documentation to open an investment account.
  • The Community Foundation works with the investment advisor to determine asset allocation and investment objectives based on the donor’s charitable goals.
  • Each fund is invested by the Community Foundation in the investment pool composed of offerings managed by the investment advisor’s firm.
  • The Community Foundation provides accounting for each donor fund.
  • Investment advisors are required to adhere to the Community Foundation’s professional and industry standards and guidelines.

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