Giving Complex Assets to Achieve Greater Impact


We have the expertise to guide you through the process of converting your complex assets to yield the greatest impact for your chosen charities.

Many donors find that, although they may have substantial net worth, much of their wealth may be in a form that makes it difficult to use as an asset for charitable giving and estate planning. Challenges may come from outright transfer restrictions, a lack of marketability, or limitations that surround one or more charitable giving tools. One of the unique aspects of the Community Foundation is our ability and flexibility to accept gifts of closely held business interests. Because we are a pubic charity, donors receive a tax deduction at fair market value.

The staff and legal counsel of the Community Foundation will work your professional advisors to assess whether a gift of closely held business interests and other assets is the right fit for the you and the Community Foundation.


We specialize in accepting complex assets, such as:

  • Privately held company stock
  • Real estate
  • Royalties and intellectual property rights
  • Private equity and hedge fund interests
  • Life insurance
  • Private foundation distributions
  • Pre-IPO shares
  • Limited partnerships
  • Artwork and personal property

Typically, the donor is responsible for obtaining a qualified appraisal or appraisal summary in compliance with IRS regulations for the purposes of establishing the value of the gift for federal income tax purposes, including the preparation of Form 8283 (“Noncash Charitable Contributions”).


Benefits of donating complex assets to your fund:

  • Most likely increase the amount of your charitable deduction compared with a private foundation
  • Create opportunity for philanthropic giving with illiquid assets
  • Support multiple charities through your gift rather than just one
  • Better tax deductions available through a charitable fund, at fair market value up to 30 percent of the adjusted gross income (AGI), compared with a private foundation donation at cost basis and up to 20 percent of AGI.
  • Succession / liquidity event pre-planning advantages
  • Often have a low cost basis
  • Usually receive a tax deduction for the full market value or current appraisal
  • Potentially avoid capital gains taxes
  • Many charities do not have the resources to recieve complex asset donations directly
  • Give more to your charities

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