What is Invest STL?

Invest STL is a regional community development initiative committed to accelerate growth and reduce inequality in our region’s communities. Decades of research has proven that strong neighborhoods improve individual and family health, educational achievement, and quality of life.

While a number of St. Louis neighborhoods have been successfully revitalized during the past few decades; many more neighborhoods have declined and suffered from disinvestment. Evidence clearly shows that neighborhood success, both in St. Louis and across the country, depends on having a strong local organization with the capacity to bring together stakeholders to develop and lead neighborhood improvement. Supporting communities by developing and implementing tangible plans for neighborhood improvement will result in stronger, more economically and racially diverse communities in the St Louis region.

In short, Invest STL is driven by three simple beliefs:

  1. Neighborhoods matter to your quality of life.
  2. We CAN make our neighborhoods stronger, healthier and more vibrant.
  3. We will accomplish most when we invest together.

To support community improvement, Invest STL continuously grows a network of investors (lenders, foundations, businesses, and public sector agencies) to:

  1. Build community organizations’ capacity through investments in staffing and technical assistance around staff skills and organizational practices
  2. Support communities developing stakeholder engaged neighborhood improvement planning
  3. Coordinate loan and philanthropic investment in implementing neighborhood improvement strategies
  4. Measuring and evaluating impact of investments to aid understanding of best practices

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Dara Eskridge