RAC Artist Relief Fund FAQs

Who may apply for this grant?
Working artists in all disciplines who have lost income due to the COVID-19 crisis, and who are 19 years or older.

How much can I apply for?
Applicants can apply for either $500 or $1,000. We are asking that all applicants be mindful that there are many working artists who are being adversely impacted by COVID-19. We are trying to provide funds to as many artists as possible, so we are asking that people request only what they need.

What can funds be spent on?
Funds can be requested for residential rent, mortgage lease or occupancy payments; residential utility bills (electricity, heating, water, phone, internet, etc.); groceries/food; medical expenses not covered by insurance; child-care services; car payments or repair; insurance premium payments; student loans, expenses, or tuition. Other urgent, life-sustaining uses will also be considered.

I am an artist looking for funds to complete a project, can I apply for this?
Individual Artist projects, studio needs and opportunities such as conferences, residencies, etc. are supported by the Regional Arts Commission’s Artist Support Grants. More information can be found at: https://racstl.org/explore-grants/

How is this round of funding different from the first three rounds?
The funds raised for this round of funding are from the Arts United STL benefit. RAC operates under a mandate where all funds and grants must be given to those that live in the St. Louis City and County.  Arts United STL is sponsoring this fundraising effort and has designated proceeds raised to be distributed to working artists throughout the 8-county St. Louis region, allowing RAC to open up eligibility to a greater geographic area. The 8-county St. Louis Region includes the following counties: City of St. Louis (MO), St. Louis County (MO), Franklin (MO), Jefferson (MO), St. Charles (MO), Madison (IL), Monroe (IL), and St. Clair (MO).

What if I do not have access to a computer? How can I apply?
If you do not have access to a computer or smartphone, we can take your application over the phone.  Please call us at ‪(314) 384-9996, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

Is the application accessible?
Applications will be accepted at www.stlgives.org/covid19/rac-artist-relief-fund. You can access and submit this application by computer or smartphone. If you do not  have access to be able to complete the application using the URL above, please call (314) 384-9996. Applications will be accepted over the phone for those who are unable to complete them online.

How are decisions made as to who gets a grant?
The goal is to support working artists with urgent and immediate needs due to lost income because of the COVID-19 crisis. Priority will be given to artists who have the greatest need and artists whose current household income is largely from their artistic endeavors. The RAC Artist Relief Fund’s process does not operate on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis of fund distribution. All applications are reviewed and rated at the same time based on established criteria with a high focus on lost income due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Why are you asking demographic questions?
RAC requests demographic data on our applications to understand who is completing the application and who is receiving support. Demographic data (gender, race) will not be used to make grantmaking decisions for the Artist Relief Fund. Questions regarding income will help inform our goal to prioritize artists with the most need.

How long will funds be available?
Applications will remain open until there are no more funds available. The application opens on May 29 and will close on June 12.

How long will it take to have my application reviewed?
Applications will be reviewed June 12-30. Funding decisions will be made by June 30 with checks mailed to awardees in early July.

How long will it take to receive my check if I receive funding?
Following the grant deadline, it will take time to review applications, award applicants, and have payments processed. We will do our best to move quickly. Once an application is approved, a check will be mailed within one week by the St. Louis Community Foundation to the mailing address included in the application. Our hope is that approved applicants will receive funding within four weeks of the application closing.

How will I receive the funding?
A check will be mailed to the mailing address submitted on the application by the St. Louis Community Foundation.

Is the funding taxable income?
The RAC Artist Relief Fund grants are charitable gifts, not taxable income and will be distributed and paid by check from the St. Louis Community Foundation.

If I am denied funding, will I be notified?
Yes, all applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Do I have to reapply if I did not receive funding in the first round in April, but still would like my application considered for funding in the second round?
Applications will be funded in alignment with our communicated priorities. If you applied in the first round in April and did not receive funding, you will not have to reapply to be considered in Round 2. Your application will be moved into Round 2 for consideration. If you were deemed ineligible in Round 1 because you lived outside of the eligible geographic area (St. Louis City or St. Louis County) and are now eligible due to the expanded definition of geographic area , your application will be re-entered into the consideration pool. If your circumstances have changed and you would like to update your application, you are welcome to reapply. Your most recently received application will be considered for funding.  If you would like to remove your application from consideration, please email ArtistReliefFund@racstl.org.

What if I’m a non-profit organization? What resources are there for us?

What if I’m not in the Arts – What support can I find for my small business? For small business relief, please see these resources: